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A More In-Depth Look at Ridding Your Home of Ants

posted on 16 March 2014 | posted in Tips and Advice

It is always annoying when you want to get a bite of your favorite food, only to find that ants have got to your food before you. Ants might eat anything from meat to sweets so these little insects are rarely welcome in any kitchen. Many people resort to ant pest control in order to make sure that ants are kept out of their homes.


Most types of ants are extremely small in size. This allows them to get in to your homes through the smallest of cracks or openings. Ant pest control is not quite easy due to this reason. You must make sure that you keep your food in containers that can be properly closed. You must also remove the small pieces of food lying around the house. Ant pest control is all about making sure that ants have nothing to eat inside your house. This will keep the ants out.

There are hundreds of ant pest control methods and products. These products and methods could change slightly, depending of type of ant in question. You might already know that there are various types of ants. Fire ants, argentine ants, thief ants, carpenter ants and pharaoh ants are some of the well known ones. Professional ant pest control should start with identification of the type of ants in question. Some methods would work with most types of ants.

Natural ant pest control is the most environmentally friendly method. If it's possible, get rid of these bothersome ants using products that are non-toxic. Boric acid, chalk and pepper can be used to make sure that ants don't get to your food. Try to make sure that you concentrate on ant pest control and not on eliminating ants altogether. Ants are very important to the environment around you. They attack and help to keep the numbers of other insects under control and help in the natural recycling process.

Ant pest control through toxic products such as sprays is not a very good idea. These products don't just affect the environment. They would affect you and if you have small children you should try to minimize using these sprays within your home. Ant pest control should be done in an organized and well thought out manner.

Find out the small openings used by ants to enter your house. Close all these openings and you should also take care to wipe out the trails. Ants use 'scent trails' so whenever you see a trail, mop the area using Lysol or soap water. Keeping your house clean is also an important factor in ant pest control. Place sticky substances around the table legs of your dining table.

Usually, you can take care of ant pest control on your own. However, in some cases, especially in cases where ants like carpenter ants are involved, you should think about getting professional help. These ants attack wooden structures so they could be very harmful.

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