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Badger Repellent Granules

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Badger Repellent Granules will repel, deter and stop nuisance badgers causing damage to your lawn, plants, shrubs and vegetables.

These granules are biodegradable and natural containing aluminium ammonia sulphate.

* Easy to use, just add water and spray onto the areas that you wish to protect

* Contains 2 x 50g packs

* 1 x 50g pack of Badger Repellent Granules will treat up to 50 square metres / 538 square feet

* Use also for repelling, deterring and stopping other nuisance animal pests such as foxes, rabbits and deer

Please note when using on lawns, spray on a test patch first. This product will be affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, sleet and snow and a reapplication of the granules will be required. And if you have a large area to protect or if the badger problem is severe, we would always recommend the use of one of our electronic repellers. Please see below:

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