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Cat Repeller 40

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Cat Repeller 40 will repel, deter, stop and get rid of stray, feral or neighbours cats from making a mess in the garden.

Can be run on battery power or mains electricity [ with the use of a mains electric adaptor sold separately, please see below ].

If the Cat Repeller 40 is run on battery power then the Passive Infra Red / PIR long range motion detector system is used. This covers up to 12 metres / 40 feet infront of the unit in an arc of 90 degrees. When a cat comes into the range of the unit, ultrasonic sound waves are then emitted.

If the Cat Repeller 40 is run on mains electric power then the ultrasonic sound waves are emitted continuously and a problem cat does not have to come within the PIR range to trigger the sounds.

The ultrasonic sound waves are inaudible to humans but audible to felines, and it is these ultra sonic sounds that disturb the cats and drives them away humanely.

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