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Electric Indoor Squirrel Repeller Plug 2500

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Electric Indoor Squirrel Repeller Plug 2500 for indoor use only, is an ultrasonic and electromagnetic device that works through walls and ceilings sending out sound waves which are disturbing to squirrels.

  • Covers an area of up to 2500 square feet / 232 square metres as an effective method for repelling, deterring, stopping and getting rid of a squirrel problem
  • Effective for use in the loft, attic and roof void areas
  • Simple to use just plug the unit in the loft, attic or roof void - If you do not have an electrical point we suggest that you use an extension cable to get the device in place
  • Set the repeller on both the ultrasonic and electromagnetic settings to drive the squirrels out
  • Then you should try to locate exactly where the squirrel was able to gain access and block up this entry point
  • We would then recommend that you plug the unit into a plug point on the landing or in the hall and use the electromagnetic setting. This will make sure your home remains squirrel free
  • This device will also keep out rats, mice and many different crawling insects
  • Full instructions included
  • Please note: If you have a pacemaker, please consult medical advice before use

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