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Flashlight and Radio Sound Deer Repeller

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Flashlight and Radio Sound Deer Repeller is an audio and visual repellent, deterrent device that is effective in repelling, deterring, preventing and stopping deer from damaging plants, shrubs and woodland.

* Powered by 3 x D type batteries [not included]

* Has a Passive Infra Red - PIR motion detector system which is activited when a deer comes into the range of the unit

* Has a powerful flashlight and FM radio speaker to scare away these animal pests

* The the light and audio sound duration can be set to last between 15 seconds to 7 minutes

* Covers a range of up to a distance of 7.6 metres / 25 feet in front of the unit, in an arc shape of 110 degrees

* Comes with mounting bracket

* Full instructions on how to use are included

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