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Moving Home: Always Ask Your Neighbours About Pests

posted on 30 May 2012 | posted in Pest Control News

I have green fingers - I love working in the garden. And so when house hunting, I was on the look out for a home with a big garden. After several months, I finally found my dream garden home(!), and got to work with creating a garden I would truly love. I spent a full two weeks planting bulbs and various flowers and vegetables around the garden. Then one morning I awoke to see someone else had apparently been digging around in the garden - or should I say, moles. The garden was full of molehills! It really made me feel like I'd had the rug pulled from under me - how could this happen? I asked a neighbour if moles were a problem in this area, and he said "oh yes, we all use mole repellers in this neighbourhood!".

It just shows you should find these kinds of things out first when you move into a new area.

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