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The Day Our Entire Block Lost Power

posted on 11 June 2014 | posted in Tips and Advice

Bang! I jumped out of my seat and wondered if a bomb had gone off. We weren't under attack, but I'd learned that a sub-station adjacent to our block had malfunctioned in some way and subsequently, the entire block of buildings had lost power.

It later transpired that a rat had attempted to chew through on of the main cables within the substation, causing a short-circuit and the whole thing to go kaput.


While it was both inconvenient and also (later on) rather amusing to hear of the reason why we'd lost power, it made me think of the potential danger of such an event occurring within the confines of a home, and the kind of fire risk, such a rodent could cause. Such pests aren't just a nuisance that deposit their dropping everywhere, they can potentially start a fire in your home - make sure you get rid of them!

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